The workshop will be hosted at Balliol College, sessions will start at 2pm on 22/03/2017 and will end at 4pm on 24/03/2017

The goal of this workshop is to bring together the global PDF analysis and lattice-QCD communities to explore ways to improve current PDF determinations. In particular, we plan to set precision goals for lattice-QCD calculations so that these calculations, together with experimental input, can achieve more reliable determinations of PDFs. In addition we will discuss what impact such improved determinations of PDFs will have on future new-physics searches.

Workshop participation is by invitation only

There will be introductory-level talks on the first day to bring each community up to speed on the current state of the other. The remainder of the workshop will be primarily devoted to discussion sections organized by topic. Short presentations will be scheduled as the required by the progress of discussion. We will address questions from both communities, and set 5-year precision goals for the lattice QCD calculations of high-impact quantities. The findings of the workshop will be compiled in joint-community white paper.

Organized by:

With support from the European Research Council through the Starting Grant "PDF4BSM"

PDF Lattice 2017 Workshop at Oxford (22-24 March 2017)