Time-dependent renormalized natural orbital theory for intense laser-atom interaction

Martins Brics, University of Rostock, PDF

Dimensional reduction of Majorana modes at the boundary of a 3D topological superconductor

James de Lisle, University of Leeds, PDF

Propagating the two-particle reduced-density matrix of one- and two-dimensional Hubbard systems

Stefan Donsa, Vienna University of Technology, PDF

Time-Dependent Two-Particle Reduced Density Matrix Theory for Atoms in Strong Laser Pulses

Fabian Lackner, Vienna University of Technology, PDF

Spectral properties of reduced fermionic density operators and parity supers-election rule

Sergey Philippov, Russian Academy of Sciences, PDF

The semiclassical propagator of two anyons

Stefan Georg Fischer, Universitat Freiburg, PDF

SDPs for solving the quantum ground state problem

Christian Gogolin, The Institute of Photonic Sciences, PDF

The Symmetric Extendability Problem

Joel Klassen, The Institute for Quantum Computing Waterloo, PDF

Reduced Density Matrices in Quantum Chemistry

Arseny Kovyrshin, ETH Zürich, PDF

Current Correlations from a Mesoscopic Anyon Collider

Ivan Levkivskyi, ETH Zürich, PDF

Density functionals with the help of matrix product states

Michael Lubasch, University of Oxford, PDF

Topology of congiguration space for indistinguishable particles on tree graphs

Tomasz Maciazek, Center for Theoretical Physics, PAS, PDF

Mapping the electronic changes in MgO-nanoclusters using quantum mechanics: Effects on HOMO-LUMO gaps and Coulomb properties by symmetry and surface alterations

Sergio Manzetti and Alexei Yakovlev, Uppsala University, PDF

Topological Edge States are Monogamous

Konstantinos Meichanetzidis, University of Leeds, PDF

On the computational limits of a full quantum mechanical treatment for fewbody systems

Andrea Muolo, ETH Zürich, PDF

Exchange statistics on graphs

Adam Sawicki, University of Bristol, PDF

Active Orbital Space Selection Based on Density Matrices

Christopher Stein, ETH Zürich, PDF

Lagrange method based on natural orbitals

Jian Wang, Huzhou university, PDF