Reduced Density Matrices in Quantum Physics and Role of Fermionic Exchange Symmetry

University of Oxford (Oxford), United Kingdom, 12-15 April 2016

organized by Christian Schilling and Vlatko Vedral

The interdisciplinary workshop brings together experts in quantum science, as e.g. quantum information theory, quantum chemistry, solid state physics and mathematical physics. The aim is to explore from a conceptual viewpoint the influence of the fermionic exchange symmetry and its consequences for the reduced 1-and 2-fermion picture. In particular, a better understanding should be developed of how the conflict of energy minimization and antisymmetry of the N-fermion quantum state leads to simplified descriptions of fermionic ground states. The emphasis lies on the four subjects:

  • particle exchange symmetry
  • reduced density matrices
  • generalized Pauli constraints
  • degeneracy pressure and numerical methods


Lindemann Lecture Theatre, University of Oxford
Clarendon Laboratory
Parks Road, Oxford


  • Murat Altunbulak (DEU Izmir)
  • Carlos Benavides-Riveros (Univ. Halle)
  • Romit Chakraborty (Univ. Chicago)
  • Matthias Christandl (Univ. Copenhagen)
  • David Gross (Univ. Köln)
  • Duncan Haldane (Princeton)
  • Nicole Helbig (FZ Jülich)
  • Nektarios Lathiotakis (NHRF Athens)
  • Jon Magne Leinaas (Univ. Oslo)
  • David Mazziotti (Univ. Chicago)
  • Jan Myrheim (NTNU)
  • Jiannis Pachos (Univ. Leeds)
  • Peter Pickl (LMU München)
  • Markus Reiher (ETH Zürich)
  • Nicolas Regnault (ENS Paris/Princeton)
  • Ulrich Schollwöck (LMU München)
  • Felix Tennie (Univ. Oxford)
  • Iris Theophilou (MPSD Hamburg)


Grzegorz Agacinski (website)
Tristan Farrow
Juan José Mendoza-Arenas
Felix Tennie
Anu Unnikrishnan
Benjamin Yadin