Higgs Couplings

30 September - 4 October 2019, Oxford, UK

Higgs Couplings, 2019, Oxford, UK

Things to Do in Oxford by Ian Shipsey

A personal selection of favorite things (other than this conference/workshop) to see and do in Oxford by Ian Shipsey (Updated Summer, 2018)

Just a subset of my favorites, far from a complete list of good things * indicates what I would pick if there is only time to do one.

Unless you are staying on after conference/workshop you will not have much free time except in the evenings when the museums, colleges and parks are closed but the pubs and restaurants (for any night when dinner is not provided) will be open.


Colleges: (All the 38+ colleges are beautiful)



Walks in open spaces:

Best view:

Some of the Best Pubs: (good beer and good food)


Information about Oxford, guides

Best restaurants in the city centre (10 minutes)

Restaurants close to Astrophysics and Particle Physics (that local physicists frequent)

There are many franchise restaurants in the City Center on George Street

There are many good ethnic restaurants in the student quarter along the Cowley Road a couple of examples: