CUWiP 2018, Oxford, UK

The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics UK will highlight prospects for students to become successful scientists and pursue their personal aspirations. CUWiP UK aims to inspire those who identify as women who have chosen to study physics at university, to promote their careers in physics and to create a nationwide community of supportive women. Following three successful and popular conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the University of Oxford will host CUWiP for the fourth tim in the UK in March 2018.

"I came away from the conference feeling so inspired! It was great to be surrounded by so many female physicists. Attending CUWIP has made me want to pursue an academic career and helped me feel more confident in applying to study for a PhD."

CUWiP UK attendee 2017

Our Vision

Through inspirational talks, career development workshops, panel discussions, and visits to state-of-the-art laboratories, CUWiP UK will allow participants to become well informed about the career options supported by a physics degree.

CUWiP UK is honoured to have accomplished women in physics at the conference presenting their research, speaking about their personal experiences, and providing invaluable advice.

Participation in the conference will enable undergraduates with similar goals and interests to meet and develop friendships. Attendees of the CUWiP UK 2017 have remarked that this has been a beneficial and important outcome of attending the conference.

Jena Meinecke

Daniela Bortoletto

Get Started!

The profiles of our distinguished speakers provide insight into some of the fields that physicists are working in now. Prepare questions for our speakers and panellists and learn about the skills you can improve upon with our workshop sessions. Find out about exciting laboratories conducting cutting-edge research that will be visited.

Remember that important deadlines are coming up. We look forward to receiving your application!

"Thank you so much for a fabulous conference, and for giving me another chance to start recovering my confidence that I can do Physics, that had slipped in the last couple of years."

CUWiP UK attendee 2017


The conference is modelled after the APS CUWiP, which was started by two physics graduate students, Amy Cassidy and Katie Mussack, at the University of Southern California in 2006.  Since then the number of students attending the conference has exploded from 29 to over 1000 in 2014. Past participants have described attending a CUWiP as an empowering experience, as can be seen from their testimonials.

After the serendipitous meeting of Professor Daniela Bortoletto (previous CUWiP organiser) and graduate student Jena Meinecke (attendee of the Santa Cruz CUWiP conference) in 2014, they became motivated to host a UK version of CUWiP. Armed with an enthusiastic team of women, they worked hard to prepare an excellent conference. The goal was to reach out to women – not only at Oxford, but beyond – to promote their careers in physics and create a nation-wide community of supportive women. In March 2015, Daniela brought to life CUWiP UK for 100 attendees (out of 200+ applicants) with the help of the Oxford Women in Physics Society.

CUWiP 2017 at the University of Oxford

"Without a doubt one of the most meaningful experiences of my life."

CUWiP UK attendee 2017