CUWiP 2015, Oxford, UK

The Oxford University Careers Service will be running two workshops as part of the conference. All participants will be able to attend both.

Assertiveness: how to take more control over what matters to you

A workshop about how to approach and take more control over conversations and situations that matter to you. The session will cover:

  • What is assertiveness and why is it important for you?
  • Strategies for building your assertiveness techniques
  • An opportunity to practice, and receive feedback
  • Resources and support

Career Confidence: how to market yourself effectively

A workshop about how to prepare for job and internship hunting confidently and effectively. The session will cover:

  • Top tips for preparing your CV
  • Tailoring your cover letter
  • Strategies for application forms
  • Interview preparation

During the session you will be able to ask any careers-related questions too, from how to find what’s right for you, to networking into a non-advertised role, and everything in between.