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ALEGRO 2018 workshop at Oxford

26 March - 29 March 2018, Oxford, UK

ALEGRO 2018 workshop

26 March - 29 March 2018

Oxford, UK

Following the ANAR 2017 workshop, a study group towards advanced linear colliders, named ALEGRO for Advanced LinEar collider study GROup, has been set up to co-ordinate the preparation of a proposal for an Advanced Linear Collider in the multi-TeV energy range.

The objective of this first ALEGRO workshop is to prepare and deliver, by the end of 2018, a document detailing the international roadmap and strategy of advanced novel accelerators (ANAs) with clear priorities as input for the European Strategy Group, as well as input to ICFA

For ALEGRO 2018 workshop description and agenda click here.

ALEGRO 2018, Oxford, UK

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